Our next conference co-hosted by the United Nations' JIU:

How can Blockchain technology support a sustainable future?

When: 26-27 September 2019

Where: Palais des Nations Geneva

The Geneva Macro Labs are partnering with the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations System, Diginex, the Crypto Valley Association (CVA), Just-Job-Network, and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA).

Why Blockchain 4 Impact?

This conference is a common event with the Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations.

Our conference aims at encouraging information exchange, debate and critical reflection on opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain technology in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our speakers will link technical aspects of Blockchain to policy objectives and discuss concrete use-cases and their potential. The event offers space for discussion and exchange around concrete examples in order to enable developers, regulators and users better understand each other and the technology.

In times of fast technological disruption this event shall stand out by offering a clear, open and transparent discussion about the opportunities and limitations that this new technology can offer and by providing solutions.

Meet our speakers

Emanuelle Ganne, WTO

Emmanuelle is an international trade expert and a Senior Analyst in the Economic Research Department at WTO. She will be speaking about how far Blockchain can revolutionize International Trade.

Olivia Chang, CNN Money

Olivia is a Reporter and Anchor at CNNMoney Switzerland. She will be moderating our panel on opportunities and limitations of the blockchain technology in delivering on the SDGs.

Gianfranco Moi, State of Geneva

Gianfranco is the Deputy General Director of the Directorate of Economic Development, Research and Innovation at the State of Geneva. His topic: the legal and regulatory aspects for governments using Blockchain.

Jörn Erbguth, University of Geneva

Jörn Erbguth is a consultant on blockchain, smart contracts and data protection (GDPR). He's a lecturer at the Geneva School of Diplomacy and the University of Geneva. He will speak about Privacy aspects of Blockchain.

Inma García Sáez, Scrypt.Media

Inma supports Scrypt.media and other boutique consultancies leveraging emerging technologies to tackle global challenges. She's also a UN volunteer and will speak about Blockchain technology's potential to create disruptive and sustainable business models .

Paul Wang, Mt Pelerin

Paul's the Executive Advisor to the CEO @High-Tech Bridge. Advisory Board Member @Mt-Pelerin and Head of Corporate Governance at the Geneva Macro Labs. Paul will speak about Financial aspect of Blockchain - the opportunity to reach lower and middle income countries (microfinance)

Dr. Thomas Moser, SNB

Dr. Moser is an Alternate Member of the Governing Board, Swiss National Bank. His topic: What are the challenges of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for central banks and monetary policy?

Blanca Zutta, ITSA

Blanca Zutta is Associate Founding Member of ITSA, the International Token Standardization Association and E-Learning technology and Social media specialist at WTO. She'll speak about how to standardize tokens.

Bertrand Perez, Libra Association

Bertrand PEREZ is Managing Director & COO at Libra Association. He'll speak about the future of cryptocurrencies and e-payment systems. 

Dr. Ralph Chami, IMF

Dr. Ralph Chami is Assitant Director at International monetary Fund (IMF).

He will talk about how Blockchain can change the way how money is sent home from abroad.

Alexander Schell, CVA

Alexander Schell is Executive Director at Crypto Valley Association. He will be moderating the conference.


Guido Buehler, SEBA

Guido Buehler is CEO at SEBA Crypto AG. He will talk about how SEBA is building a licenced and supervised Swiss bank combining the new financial world of digital assets with traditional banking - in a secure and vertically integrated setup.

Dr. Petru Dumitri, UN JIU

Dr. Petru Dumitriu is Inspector of the UN System Joint Inspection Unit (JIU). Petru is co-host of the conference.

Séverine Ambrus, RTS

Séverine Ambrus is a journalist and correspondant at RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse located in Zurich. She will be moderating the conference.

Dr. Ekkehard Ernst. ILO

Dr. Ekkehard Ernst is President at Geneva Macro Labs & Future of work and AI specialist at ILO. Ekkehard is co-host of the conference.

Alessandro Sanos, Refinitiv

Alessandro is heading Refinitiv's Commodities business in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. At our conference he will be highlighting Blockchain essentials: What everyone needs to know about blockchain as the technology is still surrounded by a layer of mystery.

Emilie Raffo, b4H

Emilie Raffo, is a Crypto-Finance Consultant & Public Speaker, core contributor of blockchain for Humanity: https://b4h.world 
She's also anambassador of the #Stablecoin.Foundation and officer of the #CryptoValleyAssociation for Western Switzerland. Emilie will be moderating the session on technical applications and challenges of Blockchain and also speak about Blockchain and financial inclusion.

Thomas Nägele, Nägele Attorneys at Law

Attorney at Law and Managing Partner at NÄGELE Rechtsanwälte GmbH. Thomas was part of the working group that drafted Liechtenstein's blockchain law. He will be speaking about what laws are needed for the Token Economy to not hinder innovation with regulation, but rather, to provide solutions.

Maike Gericke, Scrypt.Media

Maike Gericke is the co-founder of Scrypt.Media, a DLT consultancy and innovation studio. Her topic: last mile solutions for financial inclusion with limited phone access.

Robert Zapfel, iov42

Robert is the Co-founder of iov42 who creates the Internet of Value by adapting and pioneering ideas from Blockchain. He'll speak about Technical developments of the Blockchain and provide a how-to-guide.

Jessica Camus, Diginex

Jessica is Head of Partnerships and Impact at Diginex. Her topic: How to abolish modern slavery thanks to Blockchain technology.


Hosts: Petru Dumitriu, Ekkehard Ernst, Marianne Schörling, Renate Günther

Thursday, 26.09.2019

9:30 - 9:45

Organizer Welcoming

9:45 - 10:15 Digital assets and SDGs + Q&A

Keynote speech by Guido Buehler (SEBA)

Moderator: Olivia Chang (CNNMoney Switzerland)


Opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain technology in delivering on the SDGs


  • Emanuelle Ganne (WTO)
  • Gianfranco Moi (State of Geneva)
  • Jörn Erbguth (University of Geneva, Geneva School of Diplomacy)
  • Inma García Sáez (UN Volunteer and Consultant Scrypt.Media
  • Paul Wang (Mt Pelerin)
  • Moderator: Olivia Chang (CNN Money)

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee break

11:30 - 12:15 Q&A Opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain technology in delivering on the SDGs

12:15-12.30 Summary of highlights and results of the morning session by Séverine Ambrus (RTS) and Alexander Schell (Crypto Valley Association)

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch break

14:00 - 15:00 World Cafés: Use cases of Blockchain 4 Impact  (Knowledge sharing in small groups including participants)

> Blockchain and ecological sustainability: The Smart Bottle Approach (Pierandrea Quarta)

> How to strengthen rights along the supply chain: SwissGold (Laurent Favre)

> Delivering on community building with social currencies (Derek Queisser de Stockalper)

> Developing e-Identity with privacy/data ownership: Opportunities and risks (Jörn Erbguth)

> Can Blockchain democratize Capital Markets (Diginex CEO Richard Byworth)

> How to incentivise people to make better consumption decisions using tokenisation (Curt Hopkins, koinrewards.io)

> How to promote financial inclusion with Blockchain (Maike Gerrike, Scrypt.media)

> Voting with Blockchain (Leonardo Gammar, Agora)

15:00-15:45 Chimney talks: Technical applications and challenges of Blockchain

  • Technical developments of the Blockchain: A how-to-guide, Robert Zapfel (iov42)
  • Leveraging Blockchain to combat modern slavery: Jessica Camus (Diginex)
  • Challenges for regulators in mobilizing the Blockchain potential: Thomas Nägele (NÄGELE Attorneys at Law LLC)
  • What everyone needs to know about blockchain? Alessandro Sanos (Refinitiv)
  • Moderator: Emilie Raffo (blockchain 4 Humanity, b4H)

15:45 - 16:30 Q&ATechnical applications and challenges of Blockchain

16:30 h Presentation: blockchain 4 Humanity Award,
Emilie Raffo (blockchain 4 Humanity, b4H)

Summary of highlights and results of the afternoon session and outlook by Séverine Ambrus (RTS) and  Alexander Schell (Crypto Valley Association)

17:00 - 18:30 UN Rooftop Reception

Sponsored by our partner Diginex

Opening remarks by Richard Byworth,
Chairman and Founder Diginex

Friday, 27.09.2019

9:30 - 10:00

Keynote speech: The future of cryptocurrencies and e-payment systems. Bertrand Perez (Libra)

10:00 - 11:00

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies: Implications for banking, international payment systems and financial stability


  • Dr Thomas Moser (Swiss National Bank, SNB)
  • Dr Ralph Chami (IMF)
  • Bertrand Perez (Libra)
  • Blanca Zutta (WTO, International Token Standardization Association, ITSAE)
  • Emilie Raffo (blockchain 4 Humanity, b4H)
  • Moderator: Paul Wang (Mt Pelerin)

11:00 -11:30 h coffee break

11:30-12:30 Q&A

12:30 Wrap up by Séverine Ambrus (RTS) and Alexander Schell (Crypto Valley Association)

CryptoMountain Rocks Davos 2020 - Announcement Reto P. Gadient (B.ACADEMY GmbH)

Closing remarks

13 h  After conference reception