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How can Blockchain support a sustainable future?

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18.04. 2020 from 18:30 h CET

Webinar: How to hedge against a virus?

How to deal with uncertainty in times of COVID19? Discuss with us on 08/04/2020 at 18:30 CET. How far can #RiskManagement principles provide guidelines to manage the current pandemic? How to define risk? What new #boundaries and narratives are emerging and how #ResilientSocieties can be a future role model?

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15.04. 2020 from 18:30 h

Webinar with Sean Murphy, Founder of ImpactScope
How to help digital asset marketplaces achieve carbon neutrality?

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13.05. 2020 from 18:30 h

After work webinar

Meet Jelena Madir, General Counsel at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance who will present her new book: FinTech: Law and Regulation

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June 2020

After work webinar

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July 2020

After work webinar

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Who controls your digital Identity?

Pressclub Geneva


Side-Event at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

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What happened so far? 

June 2017

Our first conference took place at the Think Tank Hub. The topic:  Employment in the light of automation. 

Speakers included an expert from the International Labour Organisation (ILO).  

The results of the discussion were the basis of our first Solutions Paper.

April 2018

We presented our first Solutions Paper at The Impact Hub, Geneva. 

40 participants stayed with us for three hours and discussed with our experts.

March 2019

Encouraged to think bigger, we  organized a round-table event at the Geneva Press Club together with our partner Beyond CSR. The topic:  How Blockchain can help the SDGs. 

70 people attended in person and over 300 followed our live stream. 

The success of this event led to a collaboration with the UN for our next conference at the Palais des Nations.

September 2019

Blockchain 4 impact  was organised by the Geneva Macro Labs and co-hosted by the United Nations' JIU in partnership with Diginex, the Crypto Valley Association, JustJobsNetwork and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA).

Blockchain 4 impact aimed at offering a new space for information exchange, debate and critical reflection on opportunities and limitations of the Blockchain technology in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. 1,5 conference days attracted around 300 participants from the public and private sector as well as from civil society plus 25 speakers (Keynote by Libra Association).

January 2020

Geneva Blockchain Congress

The Geneva Macro Labs where invited by Palexpo to participate in the Geneva Blockchain Congress 2020. We moderated two panels and five of our speakers talked about eidentity resp. social & humanitarian applications.

January 2020

Side Event at the WEF in Davos

The Geneva Macro Labs organized a Lunch Event during the World Economic Forum 2020. Around 40 participants attended our panel discussion, thinkathon and networking session. Our speakers introduced us to their projects of developing sustainable solutions for green investment in order to address climate change.

The event was kicked off by a message from Eva Kaili, Member of the European Parliament, followed by a welcome note of Dr. Petru Dumitriu, UN JIU.

Dr. Ralph Chami (IMF) and the former professional tennis player Michael Fishbach showed us how valueable the whales are to save our planet.  Leonardo Barrionuevo, CEO and Founder of the Amacoin discussed the first ever green ICO.

Saving the planet or greenwashing asked our speaker from the University of Geneva, Jörn Erbguth. He helped us better understand the field of sustainable finance.

A thinkaton with an engaged audience made our event a true interactive experience and brought valueable solutions that the Geneva Macro Labs will use to inform guidelines for sustainable development.

Our partners Consensus Capital, DizzItUp and WDIA were present during an animated networking session.

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